Thursday, July 8, 2010

Birthday Party Anyone???

I love decorating cakes! I love the smell as they are baking in the oven & the way the frosting fluffs up while it's being whipped to perfection in my mixer. I love watching the cakes take shape under my carving knife & magically become pieces of edible art. I love the look on my customers faces when I deliver them & I love imagining all the fun they have at the party...and on occasion I actually get to do a cake for my friends & am invited to enjoy the festivities with them. My close friends, Kristy & Jake, have an ADORABLE little girl, Cora, who just turned one & these are pictures of her enjoying her cake :) I absolutely LOVE them & hope you do too...

The Cake

The Party Table

Cora, patiently waiting for her cake :)

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Cora....Happy Birthday to you!!!

Mmmm, a little cake, just for her...


Maybe that was a little too much cake for one so small :)

Here mom, you need some of this

It was a very special treat for me to be able to enjoy the day with them...I look forward to many more moments like these.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Days Driftin' Away...

Hello to all my friends out there!!! I love summer! Family get togethers at the river, back yard barbeques & swimming in the pool :) Doesn't get much better than that...unless you add a cake to the party - lol! Here are a few...

Barbie Cake with Gifts
Barbie sits atop a butter cream sheet cake with four gifts around her in honor of the birthday girls 4th birthday

Lady Bug on a Leaf Birthday Cake
This little Lady Bug sits on a leaf that was carved out of a chocolate sheet cake. The Lady Bug was removed to be enjoyed as an individual cake by the birthday girl :)

My Little Pony Birthday
Does this not make the cartoons theme song run through your head? :) Ahh, the memories!
My Little Pony, My Little Pony
Isn't the world a lovely place...
 This was made to match the napkins for the party. The pony on top is made out of sugar paste & has a #3 on the hip.

Birthday Gift - need I say more?

Nintendo & Nintendo 64 game systems, hand carved & covered in fondant that was air brushed to be the appropriate colors. Controllers & cords are sugar paste & fondant & the spilled Mtn. Dew is totally fake - made from clear, non-toxic glue & food coloring :)

Lady Bug Baby Shower
Gum paste lady bugs crawl up a fondant branch & on fondant grass blades. The rest of the cake was airbrushed a soft pink

Baby Shower Cupcakes w/ cupcake wrappers made from scrapbook paper that coordinated w/ the other party decorations

Polka Dot Baby Shower
Exactly what the mommy-to-be wanted! Polka dots are classic & never get old...perfect to celebrate a brand new bundle of joy

Wedding Cake with Flower Petal Design
BEAUTIFUL!!!! Live flowers & real petals make this wedding cake look timeless

Poker Table Grooms Cake
Poker chips & cards are made from Sugar Paste & are hand painted. The poker table was covered in fondant & airbrushed to perfection!

Enjoy the rest of your summer & I'll write more soon!!!