Sunday, November 29, 2009

November cakes...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!! Hope everyone had an amazing time w/ friends & family & took a moment to give thanks for our freedom! Here's what I've been up to in the cake world this month, not as crazy as October was but still super fun! Enjoy...

No, this isn't a plate of waffles...this is actually cake with fondant butter & a glaze made to look like syrup but taste like icing. Yum!!!

VW Bug cake made to look like the actual vintage bug the birthday boy drives.

Thomas the Tank Engine cookies & cake...all aboard!!!

What is more girlie than pink & black? Add some hot pink Gerber Daisies & a little zebra print & you're set :)

I made this cake for my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. We had so much fun celebrating w/ friends & family

Cowboy hat cake + two sheet cakes for an anniversary party.

Cupcakes are so much fun for birthdays!!! The theme for this one was bright, brighter & brightest w/ a touch of flowers & sparkle :) Fun stuff!

Camo cake w/ baby booties was a cute idea for a baby boy shower!

I made this cake for our churches Thanksgiving dinner. No one believed it was cake :)

Write more in December!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

October Cakes...

Whew! October was an awesome month for me! My cousin got married October 3rd & I was a brides maid.

My friend Kim (left) & me (right) in our dresses waiting for the wedding to start.

My hubby & I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary on October 11th with a trip to Washington was AWESOME!!!

David & I fixing to go on our Capitol tour...

In the cake world I've noticed that as the Holiday Season draws closer I am getting busier & busier. I'm up so late tonight because I'm waiting to take cake out of the oven - as soon as this one's out I'm going to bed :)

It's taken me a while to post these...I hope you like them.

Volley Ball cake for the Green Forest Tiger Senior Night

I LOVE this one! I had never seen one like this until I got the order for it. I thought it was such a great idea! Perfect for a Bridal Shower.

My Father-In-Law has a unique method for hunting. He will go out in the woods, fall asleep under a tree & wake up to find a deer standing in front of him & shoot it. It's awesome! He ALWAYS gets a deer...the other guys aren't always so lucky :) This cake was a fun way to capture him in his glory.

I LOVE brides who order a special cake for their groom!!! The wedding cake turned out simple & elegant & he was so excited about his cake. I love happy customers :)

Retirement is such a happy occasion! Why not celebrate w/ cake?

The bank I worked for for 8 years celebrated their 12th birthday. This year they wanted a fall themed cake...I had so much fun making leaves & pumpkins!

What delicious colors! Chocolate brown, turquoise & and a super pale olive green...divine! Sure hope it doesn't fall completely off :)

Corset cookies & petite fours are an elegant touch for any lingerie shower.

My second recliner was a little easier than my first one but still extremely difficult. I think it turned out super cute! It's such a fun way to celebrate someone you love!

I've got some good ones lined up for November...not to mention THANKSGIVING!!!!!!! Until next time.....

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Busy busy...

Here are my cakes from the past two weeks:

The first two were for a set of twins

Luke wanted an "oof oof"

Olivia wanted a Barbie princess

This cake was made to look like a gift in pinks & green

This cake was so much fun! The man this was ordered for likes to come in from work, kick back in his recliner w/ the latest copy of the National Enquirer, their dog, a bowl of popcorn & the remote control - I don't think he expected to walk into his big surprise party & see it in cake form :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Some more cake...

Here are a couple of cakes I did this past weekend.

My attempt at cup cake pops...

So a couple of weeks ago I decided to try my hand at cake pops...small pieces of cake on a stick!!! I saw them on the internet & thought they looked fun. Ready to see how I did them? Here we go...

First I had to gather my ingredients:

1 cake
a few table spoons of frosting
wax paper
chocolate chips
candy melts
candy coloring
cookie sheet
flower cookie cutter
large mixing bowl
Popsicle sticks

Break the cake into chunks & add some frosting to it in the large mixing bowl.

I found it best to mix w/ my hands - it got kind of messy, it was so much fun :)

it'll look something like this when it's done.

I melted the chocolate chips (left) & melted the candy melts & added some pink candy coloring (right)

I shaped the dough w/ my hands & pushed them through the flower cookie cutter to create the shape for the bottom of the cupcake. The amount that "poofed" out the top of the cutter I shaped to be the top of the cupcake. Then I dipped the bottom part in the dark chocolate & turned them upside down on a wax paper lined cookie sheet. To hold the popsicle stick firm I dipped the end in some of the chocolate before inserting it half way into the cupcake pop.

When the chocolate was hardened I dipped the other end into the pink chocolate & topped them off w/ sprinkles. I stuck them into a large piece of foam to let them finish drying.

Don't these look good??????? Can't control

YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I took some of these for my niece & her friend one day after school....they approved :) Give 'em a try & see what you can come up with!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A few more cake pics...

Mad Hatter preschool graduation cake

Baby Shower cupcake tower mimicking the invitations

Burgundy & Teal 75th birthday cake

Off White & Red Rose wedding cake

Turquoise & black wedding shower cake

Tropical Flower Birthday

Gerber Daisy 80th Birthday Cake

My Sister-in-laws baby shower cake

Pink / choco brown booties cake

Giant Cupcake birthday cake

Red /black wedding shower cupcake tower

Life Size Hannah Montana guitar

The perfect cake for your little cowboy

My very first Wedding cake

Hamburger cake for bbq

Go Hogs!!! Wooooo PIG Soooie!!!

Vow Renewal

Yellow Lilly wedding cake