Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My attempt at cup cake pops...

So a couple of weeks ago I decided to try my hand at cake pops...small pieces of cake on a stick!!! I saw them on the internet & thought they looked fun. Ready to see how I did them? Here we go...

First I had to gather my ingredients:

1 cake
a few table spoons of frosting
wax paper
chocolate chips
candy melts
candy coloring
cookie sheet
flower cookie cutter
large mixing bowl
Popsicle sticks

Break the cake into chunks & add some frosting to it in the large mixing bowl.

I found it best to mix w/ my hands - it got kind of messy, it was so much fun :)

it'll look something like this when it's done.

I melted the chocolate chips (left) & melted the candy melts & added some pink candy coloring (right)

I shaped the dough w/ my hands & pushed them through the flower cookie cutter to create the shape for the bottom of the cupcake. The amount that "poofed" out the top of the cutter I shaped to be the top of the cupcake. Then I dipped the bottom part in the dark chocolate & turned them upside down on a wax paper lined cookie sheet. To hold the popsicle stick firm I dipped the end in some of the chocolate before inserting it half way into the cupcake pop.

When the chocolate was hardened I dipped the other end into the pink chocolate & topped them off w/ sprinkles. I stuck them into a large piece of foam to let them finish drying.

Don't these look good??????? Can't control

YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I took some of these for my niece & her friend one day after school....they approved :) Give 'em a try & see what you can come up with!


  1. Wow!! These look GREAT!! I will NOT be trying to make them myself but would fully approve of you bringing them to Thanksgiving =)