Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hello to all my blog friends! Starting January 3rd (& going on into the beginning of February) it turned into a winter wonder land around here (the snow hasn't completely melted in some spots). Since we are not used to this kind of weather things shut down for a couple of days & we were able to gather w/ friends & family to have a snow day was lots of fun!!!

The guys took turns being pulled behind the 4-wheeler on various items. David (my hubby) chose a small sled for his fun :)

Dave (my bro-in-law) trys to whip around a corner really fast to see how well David is holding on

There he goes!!!! hahahahaha!!! Boys will be boys ;)

Ok, now for some's what I've done so far in February - enjoy!!!

A 40th birthday cake for a friend of mine who loves all things girly :)

This baby shower cake is one of my favs! I love everything about it...

Can't go wrong w/ a zebra cake

Happy birthday to a little guy who loves trains!!!

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